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Some say he has a look of Brad Pitt

by Andy Hair News Products

Some say he has a look of Brad Pitt

Some say he’s got a look of Brad Pitt and lives solely on chicken from Nando’s. Others that he’s actually a recluse and is rarely seen on demolition sites in the UK - let alone at the controls of one of his many machines!

All we know is he’s called Austin Wilkinson and he’s about to have a bit lighter wallet but a much better tool to play with!

Introducing the first MK35 multi-kit processor in the country via our new dealership agreement with Hydraram B.V. The MK35 is designed for machines 45-60 tonnes and can be equipped with six different jaw kits for crushing and pulverizing concrete, cutting ferrous scrap & steel plate or processing demolition materials. The jaws can be swapped over in minutes, easily and safely to have you back in the thick of the action with just the right tool for the job!

Drop us a line or call , we’d be pleased to help you identify the very best attachment to suit your application, your machine and your budget. MK35 Multi Processor MK35 Multi Processor

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