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Stump Cutter (HSC)

Stump Cutter HSC Thumb

The HSC stump cutter is designed and built to extract stubborn rooted tree stumps. Once removed it can then aid in reducing the stump to make the residual material suitable for the next processing stage (chipping, shredding, biomass, etc.) it also facilitates the further drying of the remains by natural aeration.

With this attachment you are ideally equipped to complete the final stages of deforestation by eliminating any stumps still rooted to the ground. The cutter can be used on various types of woody material and hedgerows for extraction purposes. The WS Stump Cutter is fitted with a large cylinder for maximum power in stubborn timber root & stump work.

Presently we have one model available weighing 1100 kgs ideal for excavators from 12 to 20 tons.

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